Welcome to ACE3

ACE3 is the content management system (CMS) that underlies the Strathspey family of web sites, including the Strathspey Server (on, the my.strathspey social-networking site (, and the Strathspey SCD Database ( It is also used for the web sites of a variety of dance groups, including the Frankfurt SCD Club (at and RSCDS Vienna Branch (

ACE3 is written with Scottish country dancing in mind and as such is probably not directly useful for other applications (there are probably better CMSes for general use out there, try Mezzanine (, which is very nice). It does have various features for event management etc. that could come in useful for Scottish country dance groups.

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

If you would like a user account so you can file bug tickets and perform other restricted operations, please let me know at anselm@…. (You used to be able to create your own account but that feature was only used by spammers, and I got tired of removing those accounts.)

Documentation for Database Editors

If you're a database editor (or are considering becoming one and want to know what you'd be signing up for), here are some documents that describe how we are maintaining the database.

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