Welcome to Project Lancelot

Project Lancelot's mission is to provide a light-weight, easy-to-understand, but powerful mailing list manager. (Yes, you have read correctly. Yet another one.)

It is called »Project Lancelot« because it will be a knight in shining armour who takes on the ugly giants and obese dragons that go by names such as »Mailman«.

This is a fairly young project and therefore these pages do not contain so much information. Consider the following:

More specific information is in:

  • ReleaseNotes -- The NEWS.txt file from the most recent release of Project Lancelot
  • DeploymentHowto -- How to use Project Lancelot with various MTAs (mail servers)
  • ExternalSqlHowto -- How to connect Project Lancelot to external SQL databases for subscriber information
  • RemoteAdminHowto -- How remote administration (by e-mail) works

Project Lancelot is free software under the GNU General Public License. Feel free to visit the Download Area to get the current version, or get bleeding-edge code from our Mercurial repository. (If you make interesting changes and want to share them, let me know where to pull them from.). There is also a Freshmeat page for Project Lancelot.

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