Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bin 362:1c336f3fef0b   6 years anselm Fix a few booboos in pl-bouncedb.
debian 380:cb80b35ddd96   6 years anselm Fix bad package name in Debian build dependency.
doc 384:19cf96f75572   6 years anselm More tweaks to NEWS.txt.
inc 8:312d98eda98a   13 years anselm Added ExtUtils::AutoInstall? module as per documentation.
lib 375:be0151f02a96   6 years anselm Various tweaks to the policy_addresses module.
t 381:a50a54d027ec   6 years anselm Tweak 30moderate.t to remove ambiguity.
templates 136:476d5e7d0763   12 years anselm Mention the list distribution address in the welcome message sent to …
.hgignore 74 bytes 155:b916cb3f0545   12 years anselm.lingnau Make Mercurial ignore some more irrelevant files.
.hgtags 417 bytes 382:00a974695eb8   6 years anselm Added tag 0.7.1 for changeset a50a54d027ec
.includepath 172 bytes 77:7895bafb5b1d   13 years ascheman Project set up for Eclipse
.project 365 bytes 77:7895bafb5b1d   13 years ascheman Project set up for Eclipse
.svnignore 27 bytes 92:f27b88669286   13 years ascheman Ignore some more files …
COPYING 17.6 KB 31:6bf24d836967   13 years anselm Add the GPL text in COPYING.
Makefile.PL 1.7 KB 359:06a3e3190945   6 years anselm Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 for checksums in ask_confirm. …
MANIFEST 2.7 KB 379:fb0c65af284b   6 years anselm Update the manifest.
MANIFEST.SKIP 45 bytes 122:bfaa2c9d4e4c   12 years anselm Update the MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP files.
META.yml 494 bytes 342:b26ed5f3e669   6 years anselm Updated META.yml.
README 1.2 KB 1:7546a58a245c   13 years anselm This is the initial commit of the base Project Lancelot software. It …
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