Upgrading from earlier versions of Project Lancelot

0.2 to 0.2.999 (pre-0.3)

The main incompatibility between the released 0.2 version and the pre-0.3 snapshot is the use of SQLite 3 in 0.2.999 versus SQLite 2 in 0.2. The software will notice this and complain although the error message isn't 100% helpful:

  error accessing list

You can check whether you will encounter this problem by looking at your list.db files:

  $ file $HOME/.ll/*/list.db

If you have any files showing

  /home/alfred/.ll/ SQLite Database Version

rather than

  /home/alfred/.ll/ SQLite database (Version 3)

then these are SQLite version 2 databases. (Project Lancelot will only work with one or the other, so if you have Project Lancelot lists with both flavours of database that means that you have already upgraded to a post-November 2006 version of Project Lancelot and created new lists without actually using your old ones ... an unlikely scenario.)

If you have the command line programs for SQLite 2 and SQLite 3 handy (called sqlite and sqlite3, respectively), you can update your SQLite 2 databases using the command

   $ sqlite list.db .dump | sqlite3 && mv list.db

in each list's directory (make a backup copy first, just to be safe).

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